Castus will take into account product safety, product quality and product health throughout the production process – and also protect the environment and the working environment.

As a producer and supplier of fruit cuts and fruit sticks to global consumers, Castus has full focus on quality and the necessary control. Castus currently has FSSC 22000 certification.

FSSC 22000 is a specific food standard with special focus on food safety.

Analysis of the raw materials

Castus’ procurement team are continuously working on procuring raw materials that meet the specifications defined by the quality department in close collaboration with product development and production. This means that the procurement representatives are traveling around the world to find the right quality. All deliveries from new suppliers will be subject to an intensive analysis program until we are sure that suppliers are able to deliver the quality we demand. Also, vendors who have supplied a non-recurring item over a period of time will be checked through our routine quality surveillance program.

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